Why growl is now a paid app

Apple will release their notification center for OS/X, which obsoletes the need for growl.

So this is basically their only shot to try and get some money out of it.

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rails_tails.sh #pow @37signals @sstephenson



tail -q -f log/development.log -f ~/Library/Logs/Pow/apps/${PWD##*/}.log

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Why the iPhone 4S is a bliss for developers

  • Same display
  • Same resolution
  • Same aspect ratio
  • Faster cpu

A product cycle of 2 years for a device which costs around 600 euro is perfect. Especially if customers have a contract of 24 months

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Why does apple show a PC on their service page?


Click on authorized service provider, and you’ll see it’ll open this popup:


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RIP Steve Jobs – nt

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Fixing default gateway for cisco vpn in OSX Lion and Snow Leopard

In Lion, the “Send all traffic over VPN connection” is gone. That was a good thing, since it didn’t work in 10.6

To fix your gateway (work network =

UTUN=`netstat -rn | perl -lane 'print $F[1]' | grep utun[0-9] | sort -u`

sudo route add -interface $UTUN
sudo route delete default -interface $UTUN
sudo route add default -interface en0
sudo route add -interface $UTUN

sudo route add -interface $UTUN

Somehow, it only seems to work when I add the second bogus route.
I’m not sure why.. It’s probably not 100% correct.. but I don’t care.. :-)

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Why Apple is banning access to the iPhone UDID

Since iOS5 beta6, Apple has banned access to the iPhone UDID.
The iPhone UDID is a unique device identifier which can be used to track users.
Many applications use the UDID to prevent signups, but also to track users for advertising.

All around the web, people think Apple is doing this to prevent advertisements, when in fact this is done to protect the users data. Consider the following:

Joe buys an iPhone 3GS. Let’s say his UDID is 123. Joe downloads an application which stores notes on a server. Joe didn’t have to create an account with the service, as his UDID was used. All is well so far.

Now, Joe sees a great advertisement about the new iPhone 5 ;) , and decides to buy it. He won’t be using his old iPhone 3GS anymore, so he decides to whipe the phone’s data, and sell it to Adam.

Joe restores his backup to the phone, and continues using it as he always did.

Adam, on the other hand is discovering the whole App Store thing, and installs anything he can find. One day he finds this note-taking app and installs it. To his surprise, the application was filled with existing notes from Joe. Joe had used the notes app to store his creditcard information and other personal stuff.

What happened?

Because the UDID will not change when whiped or transferred, the UDID is a bad identifier to track users. Apple has (thankfully) recognizes this issue, and has banned access to the UDID.

What should devs do?

Developers should use a different method of identifying people. I hope Apple will create an API for this, similar to the Notifications API. Ideally, you would be able to get someone’s apple-id, or a uniquely generated id based on someones appleid + the applicationid (+ optionally the device id).

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Apple’s cloud strategy part 2

Here’s a small update on my Apple (AAPL) – Cloud strategy:

Why would Apple want to move to the cloud? Hosting music in the cloud would give users more space (= cheaper devices) on their devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac) and easier cross-device sharing. Mobileme revenue was going down, because the service was slow and expensive compared to other similar services (Dropbox). Once the device-market has been saturated (read: growth will stagnate), a service is a very good way to make recurring revenues.

If apple would acquire / make technology similar to Dropbox, so that it is transparant to the user, Every mac user who spends some money on iTunes would go for this. As long as the price+Appletax is right.

I’m not sure what Apple will do with the iPod touch. Rumours are that Apple is planning a cheaper iPhone for the upcoming markets (china). That’s good for the iPhone and app-market, but it could obsolete the iPod touch. Similar to the normal and 3G version of the iPad.

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Google, where are the RELEVANT ads?

Did anybody notice that the ads you are now seeing are only showing ads for sites you’ve already visited or specific searches you’ve done?

Google used to target ads based on the content of your site. This is valuable for advertisers.

Since a while Google has switched to the current scheme, which DOES work, because they know you were searching for specific content or a specific site. Besides that, marketing = repetition. BUT why would anyone want to pay for this? Google is not bringing NEW customers anymore. Google is not bringing RELEVANT ads to your content.

Google is basically selling advertisers customer they already have.

Anyone who has tried to do any online advertising recently will discover that it just plain doesn’t work anymore.

I know I spent almost 2K for only a hand full of clicks and about 50ct in revenues each.

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Joris Verschoor (jrz)

The night is still young..

.. but I’m old

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